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Lavender Jam

Lavender infused jam with notes of citrus, enjoyed with cheese and crackers. R20 for 125 ml

Olive Wreath

A decorative accompaniment from the leaves of the olive tree, to liven up any space with French flair R25 each

Sweet Chilli Sauce

A lovely tangy sweet taste to be enjoyed with your savouries or sweet treats R20 (125ml)

Lavender Salt

Rub this in a piece of meat or put it in your grinder adding a fresh new flavour. R20 (125ml)

Lavender Wreath

Adding aroma and beauty to the dull and boring, this wreath from fine lavender flowers steals hearts. R25 each

Olive Bread

Freshly baked and enjoyed with butter and honey.

Lavender Hearts

Creating a lovely atmosphere anywhere

Lavendar Soap

Lavender soap Old fashioned handmade olive oil soap with a hint of lavender R 15,00 (100g)

Tussie Mussie


Big bunch lavender


confetti for Weddings

Price on request

Bunch of various lavender and fynbos


Olives in brine

Grown, handpicked & homemade. No preservatives. Matured in salt water for one year. Brine consists of water, salt, vinegar. Flavoured with chilli and garlic or thyme and lavender. R 25,00 375ml R 20,00 250ml

Olive Jam

Grown, handpicked & Homemade. Using variety of olives combined with sugar, ginger and lemon juice. R 20,00 125ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

De Fayebosch’s first extra virgin olive oil 2012 now available Limited stock 250ml for R 35.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

De Fayebosch’s first extra virgin olive oil 2012 now available Limited stock 750 ml for R 80,00 Olive Pourer R 30,00

Olive Chutney

Olives slowly cooked with vinegar, sugar, onion and spices to make a mild tangy chutney. R 20,00 125ml

Olive Rub

A mixture of sundried olives, coriander, coarse salt, peppercorns, chilli and rosemary to create a mediteranean style rub. Can be used for coating meat, sprinkled over pizza bases or add to pasta dishes etc. R 20,00 125ml

Olive Mayonnaise

Olives with a handmade mayonnaise, lemon juice and mustard use as a spread or add to sauces. R 20,00 125 ml

Sundried Olives

Variety of olives with coarse salt added and sundried for a few months. R 20,00 125 ml

Sundried Olive Chocolate Salami

Sundried olives, sherry, ginger biscuits, pecanuts, butter, cacao and condense milk formed into a salami shape. Slice into rounds as an after meal treat. R 25,00 80 g

Olive & Feta

Olives and Danish feta combined with rosemary and garlic, drizzled with olive oil to use as mezze or with antipasta platter. R 25,00 250ml

Olive Tapenade

Paste made with olives, garlic, anchovy, caperseeds and olive oil to use in pasta dishes or spread on bread. R 20,00 125ml

Olive Pesto

Sundried olives and pecanut combination, slowly maturing with pecorino cheese, garlic, rosemary and oil. Enjoy with bruschetta and cream cheese. R 20,00 125ml

Choc Olive Cookies

Flour, cocoa, sundried olives, salt, butter, sugar and egg. An interesting combination of chocolate and salt in a tiny cookie. R 15,00 100g R 25,00 250ml

Olive Mustard

Homemade mustard consisting of mustard seeds, brown vinegar, olives, garlic and thyme. R 20,00 125ml R 20,00 125ml

Lavender Shortbread

Lavender flowers, flour, butter, sugar and salt for a light melt in the mouth crispy crunchy mini cookie. R 15,00 100g

Lavender Biscotti

Flour, lavender flowers, sugar, eggs, honey, pecanuts and citrus toasted slices. Best served with coffee or tea. R 15,00 for 6

Lavendar Bath salts

Coarse salt, lavender flowers and essential oil for a calming distressing soak. R10,00

Lavender Sugar

A combination of dried lavender flowers and sugar. Use to sprinkle over home-baked goods eg. Scones R20,00 125ml